Nurturing Multiracial Identity

A new guide for parents and teachers of multiracial youth!

Multiracial Identity

Fostering positive self-esteem

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I wish that I had had this book when I was raising my five multiracial children.

Dr. Paul Spickard, University of California santa barbara

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As a parent or educator of a child with multiple heritages, you may be facing these challenges

Nurturing Self-worth and Confidence

How do I raise my child to feel happy and whole, across their multiple parental backgrounds?

Fostering Inclusive Learning

How do I set the right tone for learning and inclusion in my increasingly diverse classroom?

Dealing with Others

How can we effectively navigate other people's judgments and perceptions?

Accessing Resources

What resources and frameworks can I use to better understand and support multiracial youth?

My new book answers these questions with practical strategies to help you raise happy and healthy multiracial youth. Order your copy today!

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Are you leading a multiracial affinity group or student group?

If your institution is developing multiracial initiatives—or has traditional diversity programs yet also a number of people with multiple heritages—there are some key things you should be aware of.

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As an experienced speaker and facilitator on multiracial matters, I can help you avoid pitfalls and create a program with real impact.

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