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Expert Advice for Your Diversity Strategy

Looking to advance your organization's diversity,equity & inclusion efforts? 

Leverage proven expertise to make your strategy a success. Read on to see some of the ways our teams can engage together.

DEI Policy and Plan

Why you need a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion statement, policy, and plan

Employee Resource Groups

Leverage ERGs and BRGs to engage your people and support business objectives

Address Equity Concerns

Resolve challenges around equity and marginalization through integrative dialogue

Diversity in Education

Improve educational outcomes by removing barriers to success

Communicate Inclusively

Infuse a commitment to diversity in your messaging

Are your diversity efforts on the right track?

You may be grappling with these questions:

How do we launch an effective DEI plan?
How do we engage our people?
How do we share our message?
How do we handle conflict?

If you need strategic guidance on your DEI efforts, you've come to the right place.

DEI Consulting & Training

We can customize an engagement to meet your needs in these areas

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Statement, Policy & Plan

Create a comprehensive DEI statement, policy and plan that makes sense for your organization

Employee Resource Groups

Better understand the differences between Affinity Groups, Employee Resource Groups, and Business Resource Groups, and get an effective program in place

Equity & Inclusion

Implement frameworks and communication processes to help work through equity and marginalization concerns and get people motivated toward a shared objective in your organization

Diversity in Education

Promote improved outcomes for students and educators by integrating a deeper understanding of DEI into educational curricula and programs across K-12 and higher education

Inclusive Communication

Engage internal and external constituents more effectively by weaving a deeper understanding of diverse communities into your communication and messaging

For additional topics customized to your needs, pleasecontact me

Take the next step toward an effective diversity strategy

With proven experience as a DEI innovator, I have led many clients teams in implementing effective diversity and inclusion strategies—from non-profit organizations and universities to start-ups and Fortune 500 companies.

Let's shortcut the learning cycle and get you straight to what works. Get in touch today.

Wondering how to build a career in the DEI field?

In all types of organizations today, there's a pressing need for policies and programs that foster inclusion and belonging.

Individuals who understand how to apply DEI concepts to drive real change are in high demand, both as consultants and internal leaders.

If you are interested in a career in DEI, schedule an introductory call today to explore a coaching program that can help make this a reality for you.

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